The practice of infrared inspections is indicative of a proven maintenance work approach that is proactive. It is something that any one of the technicians of the reliability consulting services firm will be carrying out on a regular basis. Infrared inspections entail a proven and non-destructive technology useful for the early detection of all forthcoming failures in electrical and mechanized systems. The proactive infrared inspection is successfully able to reduce risk and increase operational safety. It supports the improvement of production efficiency. Infrared integrations into the workplace protect stakeholders against breakdowns and subsequently provide them with peace of mind.

A complete and standardized work process is used to ensure that all customer inspections are carried out correctly. The work process follows the rules and standards for safety as laid down by the NFPA and OSHA. The technicians that carry out the inspections also help their customers create a detailed inventory of all known assets. The detailed recording process also uses digital and thermographic image identifications. OEM data is collected. This includes model numbers and ratings. When composing a new inventory, QR codes are applied. These codes apply unique identification numbers to all items being inventoried.

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Visual inspections carried out routinely check for compliance and code issues. All collected data is stored online and can still be edited as and when necessary. Records of problem areas will also be stored. Alongside of these, there will be a record of recommended repair and maintenance processes. And it is also possible to make recordings of automated energy savings, as existing or as recommended. Customers can collect their own data on the workshop floor by simply accessing their required information from an app on their mobile devices. Going forward an overall condition-based maintenance strategy will be prepared by new inspectors.